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Microplastics Educational Digital Toolkit

Microplastics Educational Digital Toolkit

The Microplastics Educational Digital Guidebook provides educators with resources, tools and instructions to teach students ages 12 and above about microplastic pollution and provide hands-on microplastics sampling, analysis, data interpretation and communication activities. Introduce learners to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) and STEAM career paths that can help the environment.


Unlike our full Microplastics Educational Toolkit, which includes the Saturna Imaging System with machine learning-based software for automated data analysis, this toolkit includes instructions for analyzing plastic particles in the classroom using science teaching tools you already have, like rulers, optional microscopes and forceps. 


Toolkit Contents:

All of the items listed below are digital:
  • Suggested lesson plan templates to integrate the Kit into either one hour, one afternoon or a full semester long project
  • Illustrated educational materials about microplastic pollution
  • Step-by-step Instructional Guide that includes:
  • 1 microplastics categorization guide 
  • 1 mock classroom sampling activity
  • 1 optional mock field sampling activity
  • 1 data analysis and interpretation guide for manually measuring and analyzing microplastics
  • Microplastics data interpretation excel (csv.) or Google file sheet
  • Communication project guide

5% of every kit sold will be donated to an underfunded school. To sponsor a school, email 

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