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Microplastics Educational Toolkit

Microplastics Educational Toolkit

The Microplastics Educational Toolkit provides educators with resources, tools, technology and instructions to empower students with knowledge, skills and experience in STEAM and the environment.

Toolkit Contents:

3 Lesson plan word templates for either one hour, one afternoon or a full semester project
1 Microplastics Background Information Guide
2 vials of recovered ocean microplastics collected from beach cleanups
1 Saturna Imaging System: the first-of-its-kind technology that uses machine learning to count and characterize the physical properties of visible microplastics from sandy beach samples
1 Saturna User Manual
1 Step-by-Step Instructional Guide that includes:
1 Microplastics Categorization Guide and activity
1 Mock classroom sampling activity
1 Data Analysis and Interpretation Guide for Saturna
1 Creative communication project guide
1 Instruction Guide for an optional field sampling activity
2 Training videos
1 PDF handout with plastic pollution word puzzles and activities

    5% of every kit sold will be donated to an underfunded school. To sponsor a school, email 

      Toolkit Contents

      Digital Resources 

      • Educational resource about microplastic pollution 
      • Suggested lesson plans
      • 1 vial of recovered ocean microplastics for the sampling activities
      • Mock in-classroom and field optional mock microplastics sampling activities
      • Field-optional microplastics sampling activity
      • Data Evaluation Guide to understand the types of data and how to draw meaning from them

      Technology and Tools 

      • 1 Saturna Imaging System 
      • 1 Waterproof hard case for easy transport
      • Access to the Saturna Analysis Web Application for data interpretation
      Product Requirements
      • Access to a Windows PC desktop or laptop with USB type A port and Windows 10 operating system
      • Broadband internet connection
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